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I am a writer, a witch, a nonbinary queer AFAB person, who was raised evangelical and grew up in christian cults. I am a trauma & abuse survivor, and that part of my story has been the basis of my writing for nearly 11 years. I was drugged, sexually abused, and raped by my dad as a child, and I have spent the past half a decade working specifically through those memories and the horrifying affects they’ve had on my body and mind.

A lot of what I write is going to be my processing through trauma and difficult situations and/or triggers that have come up. I sometime write about my witchy processes as well. But as an exvangelical and deconstructed from religion person, my spirituality and the ins and outs of my practice are sacred and mine. I only share the things that feel good to share.

I am working on my memoir, and it is close to being done. My hope is within the next few months I will be able to start looking for an editor and then begin the publishing process.

Thank you for reading, and stopping by,

Maeve Teleri

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