musings & wonderings…

I spent two hours yesterday at my kids' school, sitting in a room with a whole team of people. The purpose was to go step by step through a document for my youngest. The day before, I had been sent the entire 15 page document, and by the time I was done reading through it,... Continue Reading →

i know who i am…

We're nearly halfway through December, and this month so far has been an exercise in contemplating the things I've learned in 2022. When I think about where I was a year ago, to where I am today, I am grateful despite all of it. And for the first time in probably forever (literally cannot think... Continue Reading →

Resilience – Restoring

Content Warning: childhood sexual abuse, rape, incest, drugging. Source I am the survivor of childhood sexual abuse, starting roughly around the age of 1.5 and going to sometime before my 5th birthday. I discovered physical proof backing up my memories a few days ago. That shook me in ways I didn't anticipate. I have learned... Continue Reading →

Recover – Restore – Reclaim

Potential Trigger warnings - childhood sexual abuse, trauma. I just passed the anniversary of my childhood sexual abuse memories coming back. As it was last year, this year brought another layer of memories and trauma remnants I had to sift through. There's been an awareness that's awoken within me as I've peeled the layers back.... Continue Reading →

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