the omen days…

I stumbled upon something a few days ago that has made me happy stim every time I think about it. I wasn't even aware that I was happy stimming until one of my closest friends pointed it out today at lunch, saying she had never seen me do that before. A little taken aback, but... Continue Reading →

musings & wonderings…

I spent two hours yesterday at my kids' school, sitting in a room with a whole team of people. The purpose was to go step by step through a document for my youngest. The day before, I had been sent the entire 15 page document, and by the time I was done reading through it,... Continue Reading →

Releasing Magick – Samhain

Here in Colorado, we just got a second snowstorm in October. We only got a few inches but every tree and bush was covered in whiteness. As I drove my oldest to school this morning, surrounded by the whiteness and the cleanness of the snow, I felt a peace settle in my spirit. I have... Continue Reading →

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