oh, hello “family”

This post is written to my spouse's family and extended family. You know who you are, and if you are still googling me and trying to find me, I hope you see this. Consider this a written punch to the face. 

Awww I feel so seen to have the in-laws actively scouring the internet for my name and my writing. Thanks for giving me attention, guys!

But also, shame on you. I am so embarrassed for you. Not for me, because I know who I am and what I stand for, and why I write what I write. But how dare you go look for me so that you can get the inside information you are not allowed to have because of your shitty and abusive behaviors. What childish and immature behavior. Seriously, you are trying to track me down after what you have done to me? What gives you the right?

You are both ignorant and oblivious to the incredible amounts of damage you have done to all of your children and to me. That separation is intentional, I have never been included in your family, and I honestly hope you read my book. I hope that you read it and see how despicable your actions have always been, and still are.

What do you hope to achieve from coming at me like this? Do you think you’ll get access to my children because you have an inside scoop? Because I guarantee this will only keep them further away from you.

Let’s talk about what you have done to my children. You have worked so hard to diminish and tarnish my name, and through that have shamed my children and also ignored them. You have ignored the fact that my youngest is the smartest and cutest kid who just wants to give you love and affection, and you couldn’t care less. My oldest doesn’t even know who you are. Because you never cared to show up, or even engage with the beautiful souls that your son and I brought into this harsh world. And as far as it is within our power, you will never get to see them. When my children are old enough to decide for themselves, your son and I will sit down and explain everything in detail that you both have ever done to us, and then leave it up to them to decide if you are worth their time or not.

Let me make something explicitly clear. I do not give any fucks at all that you want to read my writings. I am honored that even after all of this time, and after all of the bullshit you have spewed out of your mouths about me, I am still fascinating to you and you still want to know who I am. I only consider this worth writing because I am so tickled that you decided that I am still worth your time. I curse your names when you come to mind, and I’m glad I found that you have been googling me, trying to find my writings.

Read my book, feel ashamed and guilty for the horrors you inflicted on your son and me, and keep pushing me. Go on, I’m ready, I can keep up.

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