Spiritual Abuse Awareness Week: Day 1


[Source: Dani Kelley]

This week is going to be a rich, difficult, and telling week on the blogosphere. I will most likely not be joining in on the snychroblogs, but I will be posting each day, the links to everyone’s posts that I can find.

My reason for not posting, at least not today, is because I poured myself out with this post, over at Elora’s blog. I have not really recovered from writing this out, and have found that evident in not being able to write another post. It took a lot out of me, and I can’t force myself to write. I have things to say, but for right now, I need to take care of myself. 

For today’s list, here are all of the posts, as of this morning. I will update later today.

Hännah, at Wine & Marble: Paved with good intentions

Elora, at Elora Nicole: Rebel Diaries:: The day I died

Sarah, at Sarah Over The Moon: Spiritual Abuse Awareness Week: Violences are Connected

Joy, at Joy In This Journey: Spiritual Abuse Awareness Week

Shaney, at Faith Filled Thoughts From The Front Porch: Let’s Talk about Spiritual Abuse: Day 1

Rachel, as well as many others, I’m sure, will be posting today, so I will update this post later.

Please be gentle and listen to those who share their stories this week. This is hard for all of us, and I know it means the most when we get a hug and a simple “I’m sorry.”

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Abuse Awareness Week: Day 1

  1. You are a wise woman. I need to hear that message. The tapes still play in my head and what you said about being gentle to me is what I needed to hear. I’ve been going through hell and, although I feel lonely, by the responses of so many others, I am not at all alone.

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